Friday, 25 May 2012


I've been told that I'm creative, that my imagination runs free.
My mind is a labyrinth that can hold galaxies and gods and magic,
But it could not ever have pictured something as infinitely beautiful
and perfect as you.
I look at you the way one would look up the night, 
In all its majestic beauty.
I am awed by you; for no poet, no artist, no dreamer
could ever create anything even half as incredible as you.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy as Pie

"Zo, I'm happy as pie," you said to me. And I laughed at you for ten whole minutes. With you, there's never a dull moment. It doesn't matter where we are, or what we're doing, you always find a way to bring me immeasurable joy. Whether we're cracking strawberry and camel jokes, discussing ideas for Pakistani pornos, laughing at cold coffee foam, fighting over doughnuts, making up The Adventures of Sexcalibur in the Black Hole, or doing voice-overs for dildo ads, we're always happy. Even when I'm mad at you, or PMS-ing, you find a way to calm me down. You're a complete retard, for that very reason, I love you. I love everything, stories of your Russian "friend", singing Barbie Girl at the top of our lungs, inviting everyone to our imaginary Nikkah, talking in funny accents, getting free food from the mart, bitching sessions at 3 a.m., googling porn stars, bouncing off your face, losing my balance completely when you pushed me off, the Batman study, the one-toothed doctor, the three skinny men, "don't eat ghutkaa," drawing bras, catwalking on Skype, "dilwaalon ki shaadi ho jaye", gay Arab men, and laughing at absolutely nothing, all of it. Every second of the past 117 days (10108800 seconds, I made the sum thingy)  has made me as happy as pie. Babe, you and I are total chootiyas, and it's perfect.

P.S. Okay I lied, I used a calculator, cause I got the sum wrong. Twice.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I want to ink my words onto your skin,
trace it first with my fingers,
then my tongue,
tasting the poetry.
Perhaps the words will penetrate
the surface and sink in
to be printed onto your very core.
I want you to feel the truth
in every stroke of my pen,
to know that every curve of each letter
has been drawn in earnest.
My thoughts don't sound right
when spoken out loud,
I stutter and pause and am
at a loss for words;
but written down they mirror
that which is deep within me.
I want you to see that side of me,
and not mistake my pauses
for hesitation or uncertainty.
The love I feel has a clarity
that you cannot possibly imagine,
for not even in the 
deepest recesses of your mind
have you begun to comprehend
its depth.
I express myself best with ink,
and so I will ink my words onto your skin.
I will imprint my desires 
and passions onto flesh.
Then I will write you a poem in kisses
that reflects the joy you bring me.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My World

If I strung up all my thoughts,
Laid my memories out on the floors,
Papered walls with dreams and hopes,
Then all I would see around me 
would be you.
But I suppose that would not be
any different from right now,
As all I see around me 
is already you.
My entire universe is captured
In a tilted smile;
And all the sunrises are found 
In those eyes;
You are my whole world.