Thursday, 26 July 2012


Karachi. The city of Lights, city of Life, city of Love, city that I love. One can immerse themselves into the wildly pounding heart of this magnificent,beautiful, vast Karachi that is yours to explore. Look closely at any Karachiite, look into the eyes that sing. They sing songs of monsoon skies; of glittering sands, of velvet watermelon rinds; of Koyals that serenade mangoes into being; of waves that sensuously lick your toes. Yes, every Karachiite, old and young, rich and poor, is a born raconteur. How can you not be when you live in a place brimming with stories that must be told? And it is not just the inhabitants of Karachi that tell these stories, but the landscape, the very air of the city, all breathe whispers that carry traces of a glorious past. Karachi is a city that cannot be mapped, and if it is, the map will be utterly useless. For it is a city that can only be mapped with words, with stories. Streetnames, numbers, area codes are of less than no meaning. Karachi's streets are defined by the lives of those who walk them, those who live and die on them; those whose sweat, tears, blood and laughter have served as bricks in the building of the sprawling city. As a traveler, it is difficult to navigate in Karachi, especially if one does not speak the language, but oh, is that not the joy of travel? To find transcendence of a sort, to lose yourself in another culture and in history? The best part of Karachi, though, are the people. Strangers, beautiful and polite and friendly, that touch our lives momentarily but sometimes, flit through the walls of our memories. If you ever visit Karachi during the monsoon, or during a cricket final, you will find that you cannot help but get swept up in the infectious enthusiasm that grips Karachiites in those moments. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012



Welcome to the world, Arham Ali.

Our family rejoices,
A new life's begun,
Our circle is richer 
with the birth of our son.
Believe in dreams,
they do come true-
Ours came dressed in blue!
-Proud parents,
Neha Jabbar and Ali Razzak
21st July 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012


Trace your fingers across me
Caress each gentle rise and fall
Cover me in whispers.
Tongues are cartographers
Let yours map me
Kiss me a song.
Knot your limbs through mine
Your lips can guide the way
For your eyes to follow.
Lay your head on my heart
Listen closely for it beats your name
Into my soul.
Press your mouth to my neck
Leave it there so each sigh
Draws a response from my skin.